Membership Overview Video. Memberships Starting At $10/Mo. First Week Is Free!

Save Big With FRC..

Save Big With FRC..

On average Members save 40% - 78% off retail Hotel Bookings. All Memberships come with a 5 day money back guarantee.


  • Save Money On Travel

    Member average 40% -78% Saving.

  • Save Time

    Book online or over the phone

  • 100% Money Back

    Money back guarantee if not happy within 5 days of purchase

  • Cancel Anytime

    Membership is month to month. Cancel anytime.

Grand Palladium Resort & Spa*


What does Freedom Resort Club offer?

Membership gives you discounted access to over 200,000 Resort Condos worldwide, over 400,000 Hotels worldwide, Worldwide Vacation Tours, Cruises, Rental Car, Actives/Excursions/Golf/Restaurant Saving and Emergency Travel Services or Insurances.

Where do I book travel?

Once you purchase a FRC Membership you will get your own login into the Members only area where you can book online or over the phone.

How much will I save?

Most Members see an average saving of 40%-78% off online retail prices.

Do I get a booking confirmation?

Yes, your reservation will show up on your booking site when you login and you will also get an email confirmation. You will have 2 confirmation numbers; one is FRC confirmation number and the other is for the Resort/Hotel.

When will my Membership go active?

Immediately -You will receive a confirmation email on your purchase and a “Welcome Email” within 24 hours. The “Welcome Email” will have your Username and temporary password to login to the Member area.

If I cancel my membership do I get a refund?

Only cancellations within the first 5 days of purchasing your membership will receive a full refund.